Altech Alcom Matomo

Alcom Matomo specialises in the design and supply of turnkey communication systems in the following categories-

- Wide Area Digital Radio Communication Networks – TETRA and APCO 25
- Analogue Two-way radio systems; Conventional, Simulcast and Trunked.
- Microwave Data and Linking Systems
- SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems
- Telecommunication Products and Solutions

These systems use products from the extensive Motorola system network range, which includes Dimetra IP, Astro, SmartZone, Centracom and MOSCAD SCADA solutions. A wide range of both digital and analogue Motorola mobile, base station and portable radios are also available

Telecommunication products include Tekelec STP solutions, Eastern Research and Bayly multiplexers, L3 E1 Compression and Catapult test equipment.

Alcom Matomo has highly experienced engineering, project management, systems integration, testing and field engineering departments that ensure the twin primary goals of total system integration and meeting of the customer’s expectations and requirements are always achieved.

Alcom Matomo maintains a programme to strengthen its own resources in order to ensure total customer satisfaction in the supply and integration of communication solutions. The two major components of this programme are:

1. The continued high level of the technical capability of systems engineering, systems manufacturing departments.

2. Advanced training for engineering, technician and management staff with most of these training courses being conducted at various overseas Motorola facilities.
Alcom Matomo is building on its position as industry leader in South Africa and is committed to providing the highest levels of service

Major systems designed and integrated by Alcom Matomo include:

A wide area UHF SmartZone analogue Trunked Radio System to the SAPS for the Cape Peninsula in 1995. This is a seventeen site system linked via a Digital Microwave backbone to the Central Control Site. A ten site Simulcast Paging Network as well as a comprehensive Alarm and Status monitoring subsystem were integrated into the overall communications structure. All microwave paths, as well as RF coverage, was theoretically plotted by Alcom Matomo. These theoretical calculations were subsequently verified using a sophisticated signal strength monitoring. Very little difference was found between the theoretical calculation and the actual coverage achieved.

An ETSI TETRA radio system for the City of Cape Town utilising 37 frequency pairs in a 410-413 MHz paired with a 420-423 MHZ band. The system is fully integrated across the City of Cape Town’s entire network the TETRA system caters for Public Safety and emergency services together with various public works unified network. The system is made up of a highly sophisticated range of digital radio equipment and the TETRA system utilises nineteen base station sites to provide reliable coverage in the City of Cape Town’s operational area.

Alcom Matomo have been awarded the contract by the SAPS to supply a TETRA digital radio network designed to cover the entire Gauteng Province utilising more than sixty four base station sites and catering for up to thirty thousand mobile and portable radio units. The system incorporates very sophisticated AVL, mobile data and voice logging facilities. The product and software for these products has been developed by South African companies to Alcom Matomo’s specification for integration into the system. This system will take three years to complete.